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Income Tax Services

Keen to serve our valued clients with unbeatable speedy FBR Income Tax Services.

Our experienced income tax practitioners are here 24/7 for providing you unbeatable speedy & professional FBR Income Tax Services. Our valued clients are our assets, so we will never let down their expectations. We are best because we are first choice of our valued clients.

  • Get your NTN within 10 minutes
  • Become urgent active tax filer within one hour
  • Submit your tax returns with money trail
  • FBR tax notices clearance on one click
  • Recover your lost FBR IRIS password
  • Claim your withholding taxes refund from FBR
  • Revise your tax returns

We are Your Tax representative


Ansari Law is your true tax dost to get your problems resolved within no time. We are here to help you in:

  • Getting NTN & enrolled with FBR
  • Become Urgent Filer within one hour with money trail
  • File your tax return with complete money trail
  • Claim your refunds
  • Revise your tax returns
  • Recover your IRIS password
  • Responde your FBR tax notices
  • DNFPB's registration for property agents